Google Custom Search

Type online degree in the search box above and it searches web pages containing words online degree in any file type, any language, and published at any time. Display 100 search results per page. Click on search button to see results.

    Google Search Examples:

    Double quote (" "): searches exact words in exact order.
         Example: "online degree" will miss pages that refer to online bachelor's degree

    Exclusion (-): minus sign before a word indicates excluding pages containing this word.
         Example: tiger -golf will find pages referring to tiger, but exclude Tiger Woods.

    Wildcard (*): a placeholder for any unknown letters or words and then find best matches.
        Example: Nike * will find many of Nike's products.

    OR operator: allow either one of words in search results. Have to type 'OR' in ALL CAPS.
         Example: degree medical law will find BOTH medical AND law degrees on the same page.
         Example: degree medical OR law will find EITHER medical OR law degree on the same page.

         Example: "online degree" -MBA will find online degrees, but without MBA.
         Example: "he drinks * all day" will matches he drinks coffee all day or he drinks coke all day.

    Site: limit to the site
        Example: "online degree"

    Filetype: to search for a specific file type
        Example: "online degree" filetype:pdf

    Latest Search Engine Market Share

    As of Nov. 2018, Google generated 92.4% of all core search results, Microsoft captured 2.4%  and Yahoo had 2.25% of market share.

    Latest US Desktop Search Engine Ranks

    As of November 2015, Google led the US market in with 63.9% market share, followed by Microsoft with 20.9% and Yahoo with 12.5%. Ask Network accounted for 1.7%, followed by AOL with 1%.

    How Google Works

    Google runs on a huge distributed network of computers. It has 3 major parts.
    • Googlebot, a web crawler that crawls and saves web pages.
    • Google indexer that reads every word on every page and stores page index information in a huge database.
    • Google query processor that processes your search query, compares with page index and recommends the webpages that are most relevant to your query.