Google Search Examples:

Double quote (" "): searches exact words in exact order.
     Example: "online degree" will miss pages that refer to online bachelor's degree

Exclusion (-): minus sign before a word indicates excluding pages containing this word.
     Example: tiger -golf will find pages referring to tiger, but exclude Tiger Woods.

Wildcard (*): a placeholder for any unknown letters or words and then find best matches.
    Example: Nike * will find many of Nike's products.

OR operator: allow either one of words in search results. Have to type 'OR' in ALL CAPS.
     Example: degree medical law will find BOTH medical AND law degrees on the same page.
     Example: degree medical OR law will find EITHER medical OR law degree on the same page.

     Example: "online degree" -MBA will find online degrees, but without MBA.
     Example: "he drinks * all day" will matches he drinks coffee all day or he drinks coke all day.

Site: limit to the site
    Example: "online degree"

Filetype: to search for a specific file type
    Example: "online degree" filetype:pdf